On Nov 24, 3:54 am, "Russell Keith-Magee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > I tried to file this as a ticket, but trac kept rejecting it as spam
> Have you tried creating a login:
> http://code.djangoproject.com/settings

I did have the idea of creating one, but simply could not find the
page -- I poked around the wiki, looked through the patch guidelines,
tried to 'login' and finally decided that apparently trac accounts are
not for the mere mortals :)

Now I see that there _is_ a place that contains a link to a page that
lets you create an account, but I did not notice it because it is in a
section that looked like not interesting to me at that time ("Claiming

> Generally, this will convince the spam checker to let you post tickets.

It worked, thanks.  Ticket #6024.

> As a side note, there is an existing ticket requesting that we add
> coverage support to Django's test system; any suggestions in this area
> are welcome.

I really like the idea of having a --with-coverage option.

You closed the ticket because of licensing issues.  Do we really have
to bundle coverage.py with Django to add that option?  The test runner
might use coverage.py if available and complain otherwise.  Besides,
bundling modules means additional recurring costs for you (as in "the
Django developers") and coverage.py is a module used only during
development; it might be a better idea to let users install it outside
of Django.


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