On 11/24/07, Marcin Kaszynski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Nov 24, 3:54 am, "Russell Keith-Magee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > As a side note, there is an existing ticket requesting that we add
> > coverage support to Django's test system; any suggestions in this area
> > are welcome.
> I really like the idea of having a --with-coverage option.

As do I.

> You closed the ticket because of licensing issues.  Do we really have
> to bundle coverage.py with Django to add that option?

If it's going to be part of the core, then yes.

If the licensing issue can't be resolved, it may be worth starting a
standalone project to handle coverage tests. We recently added the
ability for external projects to define new management commands
specifically so that end-users could contribute features like this
without the need to modify the Django core.

> The test runner
> might use coverage.py if available and complain otherwise.  Besides,
> bundling modules means additional recurring costs for you (as in "the
> Django developers") and coverage.py is a module used only during
> development; it might be a better idea to let users install it outside
> of Django.

This would be fundamentally inconsistent with the way that most of
Django works. With the exception of database interfaces, Django
includes all the batteries required for all of its core functions. We
include SimpleJSON and a signal framework specifically to avoid the
dependency problem. This has two advantages:

- Stability: we update these libraries when there is a need to do so.
We don't need to manage the differences between versions of libraries
over which we have no control.

- Simplicity: Everything works out of the box. We don't need to spend
a lifetime debugging obscure errors that only occur on one particular
packaged version of a library.

And, to pre-empt the follow on discussion - this policy of including
other libraries is not up for debate. You may disagree, but we're not
going to change it.

Russ Magee %-)

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