Le 11/09/2015 22:37, Gerald a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I manage almost 20 PC (win7 pro) and I would like to automate the
> installation of DL for Thunderbird 0.17. I already use WPKG to deploy other
> plugins in thunderbird (quickfolders, lightning...), just by copying the
> folders after unzipping the xpi in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
> Thunderbird\extensions

I'm using WPKG to deploy DL Extension on Thunderbird. You can find here
the XML description of the WPKG package:


I bascially just extract the XPI under %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla

I prefer this over the extensionx folder because this way, extensions are:
- Automatically enabled
- are not visible in the Addon manager (so users cannot disable it)
- they are managed directly on the system partition, and not copied over
every user profile, so I can even downgrade it when I want if needed

I'm also using MCD to auto-configure all this. This is a bit harder to
achieve, but in simple terms:

- WPKG deploys on every station a config file which points Thunderbird
to an https URL
- This https URL is a PHP script
- Each time Thunderbird starts, it fetch this URL, with the Windows
login name appended
- This PHP script then lookups in my LDAP directory for the
corresponding user, and generate the necessary config for Thunderbird on
the fly
- Thunderbird store this config so it can reuse it next time it starts
if the web server doesn't respond

The FileLink part of this generated config is:

defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.restURL", "https://<?php
echo DL_URL; ?>/rest.php");
defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.type", "DL");
defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.username", "<?php echo
$uid; ?>");
defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.displayName", "Lien

Once all this is in place, not only Thunderbird can be started and
already configured for the logged in user, but everything else like the
calendars (lightning), the addressbooks (sogo-connector) and FileLink DL
are already configured and ready to use (only the password will be asked)

Hope this helps ;-)


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