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> Le 11/09/2015 22:37, Gerald a écrit :
> > Hi all,
> > I manage almost 20 PC (win7 pro) and I would like to automate the
> > installation of DL for Thunderbird 0.17. I already use WPKG to deploy other
> > plugins in thunderbird (quickfolders, lightning...), just by copying the
> > folders after unzipping the xpi in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
> > Thunderbird\extensions
> I'm using WPKG to deploy DL Extension on Thunderbird. You can find here
> the XML description of the WPKG package:
> https://upload.firewall-services.com/?t=3f17512b9411b0d6513987058f3e7bc3
> I bascially just extract the XPI under %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla
> Thunderbird\distribution\bundles
> I prefer this over the extensionx folder because this way, extensions are:
> - Automatically enabled
> - are not visible in the Addon manager (so users cannot disable it)
> - they are managed directly on the system partition, and not copied over
> every user profile, so I can even downgrade it when I want if needed
> I'm also using MCD to auto-configure all this. This is a bit harder to
> achieve, but in simple terms:
> - WPKG deploys on every station a config file which points Thunderbird
> to an https URL
> - This https URL is a PHP script
> - Each time Thunderbird starts, it fetch this URL, with the Windows
> login name appended
> - This PHP script then lookups in my LDAP directory for the
> corresponding user, and generate the necessary config for Thunderbird on
> the fly
> - Thunderbird store this config so it can reuse it next time it starts
> if the web server doesn't respond
> The FileLink part of this generated config is:
> defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.restURL", "https://<?php
> echo DL_URL; ?>/rest.php");
> defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.type", "DL");
> defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.username", "<?php echo
> $uid; ?>");
> defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.inserted_urls.footer.link",
> "http://www.ipasserelle.com";);
> defaultPref("mail.cloud_files.accounts.account1.displayName", "Lien
> iPasserelle");
> Once all this is in place, not only Thunderbird can be started and
> already configured for the logged in user, but everything else like the
> calendars (lightning), the addressbooks (sogo-connector) and FileLink DL
> are already configured and ready to use (only the password will be asked)
> Hope this helps 
> Cheers,
> Daniel

Hi Daniel (bonsoir ;)),
really nice, I appreciate your answer.
I had a look at your XML package for XML.
I cannot use it as is because the WPK version we use is quite old, but it
will be very useful.

I didn't know we can use this folder to deploy plugins.
I just had a look at this repository, and it doesn't exist on my TB install,
the only available repository in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
Thunderbird\distribution\ is extensions and not bundles...do I have to
create this sub-folder or can I use the extensions folder?

I will give a try.

Just to follow up previous answer, I didn't manage to make DL-forTB
available unpacking it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla
Thunderbird\distribution\extensions folder....
Maybe I'm doing something wrong....

Thank you


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