On Thu, Nov 30 2017, Mark Pagnotta wrote:
>> rest.php needs some extra configuration server-side to forward
>> authentication credentials to PHP. Errors here are visible on the server
>> logs, not on the client.
> I thought I read in the docs that a blank page for rest.php was the
> desired result (if I have not protected the page, which I haven't). I
> don't see any errors in the server's logs. The page is being fetched and
> served properly.

Since you're using OpenBSD's httpd, which I never tried, look at the
apache sample configuration for guidance.

If you're not using http authentication, a blank page is ok, but not
sufficient. PHP might still need forwarding of HTTP_AUTHENTICATION to
work properly.

Try to make an "info" request using "curl". There's a sample request at
the bottom of RESTAPI.rst. If this works, then the server setup is OK,
and the problem is for sure in the client.

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