On Fri, Dec 01 2017, Mark Pagnotta wrote:
> The command returned an ID and a URL. The ticket was created and the
> file stored on the server successfully. ("POST /rest.php/newticket
> HTTP/1.1" 200 0)

Then the server is correctly configured, no need to look further

> Is there any other information I can dig up that may help narrow down
> the issue?

What's interesting here is that dl-wx is built using PyInstaller which
simply bundles python and openssl. There's nothing magic being done in

But thunderbird is using libnss, which is completely independent. libnss
is also used by the matching firefox version, so if firefox works, I
don't expect issues with thunderbird.

As a suggestion, I would further try dl-cli, the python command line
client. First from your bsd system, then I would try the same client
under windows to replicate the same issue as dl-wx.

To run dl-cli (or dl-wx), install anaconda from
https://www.anaconda.com/. This will install also a bash terminal with a
pre-set path for the anaconda's python. From there, simply run dl-cli as
you would on *nix. The advantage here is that you're testing the same
setup as dl-wx.

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