On Fri, Dec 01 2017, Mark Pagnotta wrote:
> The only strange thing is that the wx-dl client still gives me the same
> error. I assume it's caching the certificate somewhere, right? I'm not
> going to use the client but I can still check this more if you'd like.

I'm not sure here. At least on *nix, I don't see any CRL cache done
automatically by openssl.

Windows might have a different mechanism though, as there is a central
CRL cache. Or it might be a cached OCSP response?

> Anyway, this was totally my fault and I really appreciate the time you
> took to try and help me. (I can't believe my name is permanently
> attached to this thread...)

Hey, I make plenty of mistakes too, and CRL management *is* painful ;)
Don't worry.

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