On Monday, October 17, 2016 07:18:47 PM John Levine wrote:
> >Most of the recent work has been in regard to coordinating and testing the
> >four (4) known implementations of the ARC spec (Google, AOL, dkimpy,
> >OpenARC). They are each in various stages of completion/readiness for
> >production.
> Any chance we could get a peek at dkimpy or OpenARC?  We understand that
> they're beta software.

I have started working on incorporating the patch that Brandon Long (Google) 
provided for dkimpy.  In order to incorporate it in a way that is maintainable 
and provides a stable API, it needs considerable rework (the actual ARC 
signing part seems to work fine).

I would prefer to keep in private until I'm done with the rework so that what 
people see is close to or the final API.  I don't think it'll take that long 
to do.  Additionally, the exact patch that was provided will be in the VCS 
history, so people can look at that too if they want.

Scott K

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