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> On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 5:46 PM, Brandon Long <blong=40google.com@dmarc.
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>> Do we actually have consensus on what to do, though?
>> The current proposal seems pretty bad, sign one or all depending on vague
>> things that might be different per impl.
> It does not seem to me like we have consensus. Can we pick one option for
> this experimental phase and re-evaluate afterward? For the sake of
> non-ambiguity, I'd suggest the "sign one" approach. During the experiment
> we can see how often it has to be invoked and request people to examine
> those cases for further evaluation.

"Sign one" (I think you mean "seal one") remains ambiguous to me, because
as Seth said, once I see "cv=fail", I don't care about anything else.  Now
I have a seal nobody cares about, which means the sealer shouldn't be
bothered with generating it, irrespective of what gets fed to the hash.

Can we clear that part up?

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