Hi Satoru,

I saw in your presentation you made in Singapore at 5gangip side meeting
that SRv6 needs SDN controller to put SIDs to the nodes with its functions.

Can you elaborate on that?

My concern is that I wonder if 3GPP supports SDN, especially what would be
the south bound interface?


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> Hello Kalyani,
> > [..snip..]
> > Your slides 9 – 13 show interactions between UPFs and SMF. There are 2
> kinds of UPFs:
> > Anchor type UPF and service function type UPF. What are the
> functionalities of these?
> Please find some functionalities in the SRv6 mobile Uplane draft:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-dmm-srv6-mobile-uplane-00#section-5
> When it comes to anchor, it should be equivalent with PSA, PDU Session
> Anchor, in TS23.501 of 3GPP 5G_ph1 terminology.
> You would also find various SRv6 functions in the network programming
> draft:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-filsfils-spring-srv6-
> network-programming-03
> Maybe you can see SRv6 mobile uplane as a set of SRv6 functions like a
> SRv6 profile for mobile with some augment.
> When it comes to service function type UPF, you name it. Following draft
> exhibits how service chain can be done by SRv6:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-xuclad-spring-sr-service-chaining-00
> > What are the changes in SMF functionalities to support SRv6? Is the
> interface between
> > SMF and UPFs based on N4/Sx (PFCP in TS 29.244)?
> SMF functionalities seems still work in progress so that I couldn’t say
> clearly what the change to it.
> In CUPS architecture for both Rel-14 and Rel-15, PFCP is expected as Sx
> and N4 for SRv6 Uplane with no change to over-the-wire messages in basic
> mode operation:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-dmm-srv6-mobile-
> uplane-00#section-8.1
> > Also you show IPv6/SRv6 nodes in those slides. Are the UPFs ‘overlaid’
> on IPv6/SRv6 nodes?
> > Are these UPFs VNFs? Or are UPFs implemented on IPv6/SRv6 nodes?
> >
> When you see UPF specifically it should be controlled by SMF through N4,
> they are not the UPFs.
> But you might see them as UPFs if a SMF doesn’t control them directly but
> the SMF can put the sessions to it through some other means.
> 3GPP SA2 has studied on that case (ETSUN). We consider how SMF deal with
> that case and SRv6 may help to solve the issues to it in simpler way.
> Please let me know if you are interested in.
> Cheers,
> --satoru
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