# Subject changed.

> Maybe you can see SRv6 mobile uplane as a set of SRv6 functions like a SRv6 
> profile for mobile with some augment.
> When it comes to service function type UPF, you name it. Following draft 
> exhibits how service chain can be done by SRv6:
> [KB] I think these are non-mobility functions as being discussed on the email 
> thread with Marco Liebsch.

I saw that discussion. Non-mobility functions of which deployed on SGi/Gi-LAN 
types can still be considered as functions deployed in N6.
IMO I couldn’t find that assumption in TS23.501. So it would be a clarification 
point whether those type of UP functions can be deployed within mobility 
management data path programmed by SMF utilizing (multiple) N9.


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