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We like like to request that the dmm WG consider ILA as a candidate protocol for the 3GPP "Study on User Plane Protocol in 5GC".

Echoing Tom's earlier comment about this: I think the address assignment sections (6.3 and 8.3) should be reworded to clarify that
for general purpose hosts, best practice is not to use singleton
addresses, but always to provide a /64 prefix.

I would say a prefix yes, but prefer a /63 and shorter.


I'm curious as to why you'd need even shorter prefixes.

This is an optional accessory.

A /63 prefix is beneficial for a Mobile Router, or 'IoT Router', for
local area tethering, or for in-vehicle networks.  It gets a /63 from
the ISP and makes two /64s out of it.  One for its WiFi interface and
one for its Ethernet interface.

If it only gets a /64 then it cant make other /64s out of it and it
can't route.


 If a subnet is
so huge that it needs more than a /64, why not just give it a static
 prefix allocation. ILA can be used independently within the subnet
if desired.


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