> 2. For traditional mode (basic mode), could you please elaborate on the MTU 
> overhead being less than GTPU? GTPU encap MTU overhead = 20 octets outer IPv4 
> header + 8 octets UDP header + 12 octets GTPU header + Extension header for 
> QFI. SRv6 encap MTU overhead = 40 octets IPv6 header + EH for carrying QFI 
> (this part is not clear - see my next question). In your blog 
> https://blog.apnic.net/2018/03/07/reducing-complexity-5g-networks-using-segment-routing-ipv6/
>  I noticed in Fig.1 the MPLS / TE headers included in calculation. So does 
> the MTU overhead saving talked about for SRv6 assume that underlay TE 
> technologies are replaced? It is not clear from the draft. If there are any 
> other drafts that provide a clear calculation on the MTU savings, could you 
> please point to them?

And to add LISP for comparison:

LISP encap = 20 octets outer IPv4 header + 8 octets UDP header + 8 octets LISP 


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