Steve Litt <> writes:
> Miroslav Rovis <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I read this great Devuan ML whenever I have time, and am still so
>> excited to be using Devuan some day,
> To refresh everyone's memory, Miroslav sent a lot of email, including
> to DNG, concerning operating without DBUS. Although I think operating
> without DBUS would be too radical for Devuan, it would be kind of a
> cool option.
> Once, once in my whole life, I brought up a system without dbus. It was
> Manjaro-OpenRC, and was only sans-dbus when in CLI mode: Running x
> started dbus.
> If anyone's running any kind of GUI Linux system without dbus, tell us
> about it.


I haven't ever been running dbus on anything as the idea of an universal
IPC system designed by people who have a hard time doing IPC is pretty
close to a colourscheme chosen by the colourblind.
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