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> > I read this great Devuan ML whenever I have time, and am still so
> > excited to be using Devuan some day,
> To refresh everyone's memory, Miroslav sent a lot of email, including
> to DNG, concerning operating without DBUS.
I made many forum posts, and no emails, about Dbus, on Gentoo Forums and
Debian Forums, and I made a few (but with a lot of links, a huge read,
an not all well put --reader be warned!--, however most of those links
happened to have been read a lot)...

[And I made a few], only a few, but with relatively numerous links, to
this Dng Devuan list. One of them was this one --reader remember the
warning above--:

> Although I think operating
> without DBUS would be too radical for Devuan, it would be kind of a
> cool option.
> Once, once in my whole life, I brought up a system without dbus. It was
> Manjaro-OpenRC, and was only sans-dbus when in CLI mode: Running x
> started dbus.
My Gentoo systems (all clones of each other) are completely no-dbus
no-systemd. More below.

By the way, before replying to some of the below, and to Joel Roth and others, 
let me first ask if my search (stick "ml:dng au:dev1fanboy" into the
form and hit Enter) is true: 
dev1fanboy has last been seen on the list mid-January 2016?
No, I found him in my mailbox. And then the question is: why the search
did not return his newer posts (I also use Lurker, and struggle with
such issues)?
[I found him in my mailbox]:
maintainers resource for Devuan

> If anyone's running any kind of GUI Linux system without dbus, tell us
> about it.
I can tell about my Gentoo systems very gladly! (warning as above, I'm
not really a dev). And I CC dev1fanboy in this reply.

It's plain openbox. I start it with "startx". But (and this is why I
included dev1fanboy -- pls. add Firefox in the list:

Ooohh... I can't find it now. Upon opening:
it tells me:
The repository for this project is empty

But I know it exists. So, dev1fanboy, pls. add Firefox (which has been
privacy-wise going strong of late via collaboration with
https://disconnect.me/ e.g.: the Schmoogle and other trackers are all
pretty much away from my browsing online) to the list of no-dbus
supporting browsers.

Firefox works without a glitch and with hardly any functionality missing
(I don't hear audio when viewing, such as the webm videos:
http://www.croatiafidelis.hr/2016/Bleiburg/ , no other problems or
missing functionalities did I experience overall!).

Firefox absolutely can work without dbus. The Linuxfromscratch project
in the BeyondLFS guide, I saw maybe a month ago, they compile with,
IIRC: "--without-dbus" flag. 

And my Wireshark works just flawlessly, Vdr installs (and ;-) Steve, you
are right about my concern for privacy in the *nix world, I wrote on
vdr-portal.de :
Bitte: Nicht Systemd oder Dbus ein Dependency Machen!
(the subject title means: Pls: Do not make systemd or dbus a

There, I replied to Steve Litt's request.

Happy devuaning to everybody!
Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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