Am 12.10.2016 um 16:21 schrieb Jaromil <>:
> hi all,
> there is a problem in using Devuan in Vagrant, due to the fact Vagrant
> does not recognise Devuan as a Debian, because nor lsb_release or
> /etc/os-release carry a string that is matched by the checks.
> This is the directory holding Vagrant's plugins doing the check
> beware Vagrant is written in Ruby.
> It can be pretty easy to duplicate the Debian plugin, which still
> carries the procedures to operate with sysvlinux (not sure for how
> long) and remove the systemd'isms and file a PR to have a Devuan
> plugin in Vagrant.
> Any volunteers? I thought of asking here before being damned looking
> for the time to do it myself... ;^)

hi Jaromil,

see my message from 2.Sept,

"Vagrant has already a configuration option where the guest os can be set when 
the auto-detection fails. 
config.vm.guest = :debian 

Of course a devuan plugin would make all this unnecessary. 
But before i can file a bug, or maybe create a devuan plugin, i must know which 
is the preferred way to identify devuan. 
grepping /etc/issues 
grepping /etc/os-release 


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