dear Attila,

apologies for overlooking your message back in september,

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016, Attila Soki wrote:

> see my message from 2.Sept,
> citation:
> "Vagrant has already a configuration option where the guest os can
>  be set when the auto-detection fails.
> config.vm.guest = :debian 
> Of course a devuan plugin would make all this unnecessary. 
> But before i can file a bug, or maybe create a devuan plugin, i must
> know which is the preferred way to identify devuan.  grepping
> /etc/issues or grepping /etc/os-release or ?“ cheers

the correct way is to read /etc/os-release
in there there is a line:

NAME="Devuan GNU/Linux"

if grepping, I recommend using a wildcard for the slash, as in future
it may switch to our official notation "GNU+Linux"

for example using the line:

. /etc/os-release && echo $NAME | grep 'Devuan GNU.Linux'

thanks for your help on this one!

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