On 30/11/16 15:35, Edward Bartolo wrote:

I am asking the Devuan Administration to delete and destroy all
defaming emails on DNG as they infringe upon the (Personal) Data
Protection Act. In those threads, I never approved my abilities or
their lack to be discussed, yet, abusive respondents, felt they could
infringe upon my basic legal rights. Reading some threads, a reader
invariably gets the message that I am a person of very low
intellectual abilities. Other emails give further health related
information that I refrain from disclosing, especially on a public
place. This is in direct violation of the Personal Data Protection Act
since it was done publicly without my approval. Please note I am an EU
citizen which gives certain legal rights. I am considering of getting
legal assistance about this matter. I suffer of NO mental ilnesses
irrespective of what has been illegally posted on DNG regarding my
mental health.

I repeat to write that the distribution has no excuse to refuse to
satisfy my request. Defamation damages a person's reputation and is a
criminal offence.

Dude, you posted on a public mailing list. It's archived in a million places (including my and many others private archives). As I tell everyone with a facebook account, if you don't want it accessible to the public forever, don't post it.

Best of luck.

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