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> On 2017-08-07 16:41, Joel Roth wrote:
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> > I just came across this seven-part series of articles on
> > supervisors and init systems:
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> > https://blog.afoolishmanifesto.com/tags/supervisors/  
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> Will be interested to see what Steve Litt has to say about this.
> golinux

From a factual and technical basis, I haven't seen anything wrong with
it, though I know very little about most of those systems.

What the author missed was the politics and practicality surrounding
the systems. Upstart will almost certainly never be used again. Systemd
is a gargantuan, interchangeablity killing mess, which the author said,
but in the lightest possible way.

I'm skeptical of nosh because the nosh guy continually sings the
praises of cgroups and socket activation. This isn't a technical
criticism, but I don't think the init world is a meritocracy.


Steve Litt 
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