dear Joel,

On Mon, 07 Aug 2017, Joel Roth wrote:

> I just came across this seven-part series of articles on
> supervisors and init systems:

thanks for the link.

the author still misses important points in lacking an analysis of
openRC esp. when regression on legacy UNIX systems is important, plus
there is no mention of LXC, LXC2 and LXD. However I personally share
his implicit praise of s6 and runit.

what I bring home after reading this is the idea of a supervisor that
manages cgroups and LXC containers in a simple way and, to inherit
some standardised work being done in systemd, supports its service

if I'd be up for writing something like this, I'd use a LISP dialect
(guile?) and heavily rely on LXD / LXC2. That would be my dream
system, wondering if GNU shepherd covers this case? I still have to
study it and yea BTW also omitting shepherd (aka DMD) makes this
article still very incomplete. but good read!

looking forward to more opinions and pointers


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