Me neither.

I found the "7 part series" amazingly content free, and certainly not very technical.

First off, it wasn't about init systems, it was about supervisors (in fairness, it didn't actually purport to be about init systems).

Second, nowhere did it actually talk about, in detail, what a supervisor does, and underlying theory of operations (what you'd expect in a "technical overview" to begin with). Instead, it was a rather rambling, and unorganized description of a bunch of different supervisors.

Now what might have been useful would be:

1. An actual technical overview, including a definition of terms.

2. A comparison chart listing all of the various supervisors available.

As it is, it's just a waste of time.

Miles Fidelman

On 8/8/17 9:02 AM, Edward Bartolo wrote:
I had a look at the text and was not impressed at all. My criticism
is: it is written like some private correspondence instead of
technical objective text. Someone writing technical text must be
objective, scientific, accurate and concise.
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