Adam Borowski <> wrote:

> rtl8139 is a 100Mbit card, you really don't want your virtual network speed
> hobbled by emulating such gear.

It doesn't work like that. The nominal speed of the card is merely that of the 
real card being emulated - in the emulated version, there's no serial pipe to 
get the bits through (just in-memory copies/moves) and the actual throughput 
will be whatever the chain of bits can push through it. That's certainly the 
case with Xen which (AIUI) uses Qemu for the I/O stuff.

Having said that, people bitten by "cr*p hardware or drivers" tend to have long 
memories - Realtek is a make I prefer to avoid. Now, Intel e1000 is a different 
Yeah, I know - the newer stuff is OK, and it's only emulated not real hardware, 
but memories of pain are memories of pain.
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