On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 02:52:18PM -0400, zap wrote:
> removing runit-init and most other init options?

runit-init got dropped not because of malice -- or rather, very much because
of malice but on the side of a bloody dictator rather than that of the
Debian release team.  After Dmitry Bogatov got arrested, no one stepped in
to fix the package on time -- I for one don't know runit at all; I've warned
you guys (Message-ID: 20170526221516.wiortq7mwcgcg...@angband.pl) but no one
from DNG stepped in either.  Packages with RC bugs and a whooping popcon of
7 get dropped without a second thought.

For me, sysvinit is good enough -- it's the rc system not init that matters.
If someone makes a case why we should use runit-init instead, please go

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