Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote on 14.02.2018 21:35:
> On my system it tried to pull in libpolkit-gobject-1-0-systemd. The reason 
> was aptitude: "twin-trinity" (which is installed) provides 
> "x-display-manager" was ignored, instead aptitude resolved by some obscure 
> reason that the not installed "cinnamon" provides "x-display-manager", so 
> "libpolkit-gobject-1-0-systemd" has to be installed (but not "cinnamon"), 
> ignoring "twin-trinity" which already provides "x-display-manager".
> The second solution that aptitude resolved did not pull in 
> "libpolkit-gobject-1-0-systemd", so that was no big issue.
> After I followed your advise giving in 
> https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/20180214.123746.e89eaef8.en.html (I 
> decided to go with elogind) aptitude did resove correctly.


thank you for your valuable feedback! We will definitely have to have 
a closer look at the dependency chains in that whole area. 

Best regards

Sapere aude!
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