Hleb Valoshka wrote on 14.02.2018 21:54:
> On 2/14/18, Irrwahn <irrw...@freenet.de> wrote:
>>>>> Fresh installations of Devuan ASCII 2.0.0 Beta should not be affected.
>>>> Actually no, i've installed Ascii for testing purposes and systemd
>>>> policykit backend was pulled.
>>> That's a first AFAICT. Noted.  Thanks, Hleb! :)
>>> Oh, you wouldn't have by any chance saved the package list in that state?
>>> In the unlikely case you have, could you please email it to me?
> I created a ascii chroot using debootstrap and then installed
> task-xfce-desktop using interactive mode of aptitude, which showed 2
> broken packages - backend and gobject of policykit. It was the
> previous weekend, so there is tiny chance that the is issue has been
> solved already (for clean installations).

That might indeed be the case, as there were some last-minute 
changes to the policykit packages right before the beta release. 
>> P.S.:
>> I forgot to ask: Did you use a package mirror or did you perform a purely
>> offline install?
> I used http://deb.devuan.org/merged

That's fine, then.

Thanks for the info! :)
Sapere aude!
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