On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 08:21:03PM -0500, Fungal-net wrote:
> Your response is every proof I needed that there is something fishy going on. 
>  It may be legal to be deceiving people but the question is whether it is 
> ethical and whether once you discover a rat are you responsible to make the 
> discovery public.  That is the dilemma.   There is nothing technical about it!

Dear Fungal-net,

If the rat you have discovered is that we ensure that users accessing
our repos through the onion address are redirected to debian's own
onion address (for packages that come from debian), instead than to a
clearnet address, then you have discovered a dove, not a rat, and a
lively one. This is a feature, not a bug.

Concerning trust: that will never be an automatic thing, rather a very
personal one. The ultimate person who decides if you should or should
not trust something or somebody is just yourself.

The way amprolla works (by rewriting packages not in Devuan) is
publicly known. The source code of amprolla is available at:


Our repos are signed with GPG keys, published on different locations
and accessible by different means. All our isos are signed with the
GPG key of the developers responsible for them. 

I am very sorry you somehow lost trust in Devuan, but given the amount
of anger you evidently have accumulated, I don't see how else we can
help you. I hope you might decide to come back onboard, but if this is
not the case, I really wish you to find the distro of your choice, the
one that you can trust.



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