In exchange for money they are now advertising and endorsing a maker of fake libre hardware by letting them have a booth at libreplanet an endorsing their debian copy "PureOS"

"Grassroots: Purism, makers of fine free hardware"

Purism is NOT free hardware and certainly not "grassroots" as their mysterious founder somehow has a bottomless pit of money to burn on hardware costs and propaganda campaigns.

Purism donates to their own crowd-funding campaigns to make them seem more successful and whenever negative facts about them are posted on the internet some random guy shows up to insist that the person is mistaken.

I encourage everyone who cares about the future of free computing to contact the FSF about this.
Here are posts that help explain the purism situation better than I can.

While purism's newer laptops come with "coreboot" all the hardware initiation is performed by Intel's FSP binary blob, and while they claim to have "disabled" ME (by running ME cleaner which they didn't make) they have not as disabling ME is both impossible and illegal.

(archived due to the powers that be removing these posts after receiving political pressure)

Other companies produce brand new legitimately libre hardware (TALOS 2, Novena, etc) so don't believe purism when they say we-are-doing-the-best-we-can.

Isn't it strange that purism receives so much coverage in the tech press but real freedom hardware gets none at all?
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