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On 2018-03-11 00:29, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
Hi again,
Apart from getting the clock in the Xfce systemtray to display in a
colour that contrasts with the darkpurpy theme rather than the dark
shade of grey that is used now.

Remove the default clock from the panel and install the Orage clock from the repos instead. It has nice config options that allow for foreground and background color choice. As far as making that the default option . . . let me talk to Centurion_Dan about that. It's not really a priority
in the grand scheme of things but the suggestion could at least be
included in some release notes for the final release.

I was a little slow to realize something . . . the default Xfce panel background color is #EDECEB (off-white) so the darker font color works on that. The problem only arises when the user has chosen a darker color for the panel background (which I do). So it will be up to the user to sort this out. I might post something on the forum about this.

Apologies for the confusion.


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