Hi all,

I know that everyone is sick to death of this whole topic -- we've
been talking about it for *years* with very little progress, and it is
filled with annoying policy and politics discussions....

However, if there is not sufficient review and feedback for the chairs
to be able to select between them (or some other clear outcome), we
will be stuck... and then we will continue to talk about this topic ad

So, just like ripping off a bandaid, let's choose a document, perhaps
make some minor edits, ship it and then perhaps we can get back to
some more interesting, technical work...

[0]: Personally I thing that time passed a while back, but...

I don't think the execution is relevant when it was obviously a bad
idea in the first place.
This is like putting rabid weasels in your pants, and later expressing
regret at having chosen those particular rabid weasels and that pair
of pants.

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