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> In my understanding of the discussion we all agree that it will take a> very 
> long time until we have B.  So, in the end, the deployability
> seems to depend on how soon we can have situation A and how convenient> the 
> implementations are.  It may actually come quite soon and may
> really become very popular.  I don't deny that possibility; I'm just
> not personally so optimistic about it.
I also feel from this discussion, we are all roughly on the same page.  We want 
SRV as the long term solution and something else CNAME-like for short term.
What are the next steps? 
Should we better define what we are solving and develop a problem-statement 
document?  This may help narrow down the scope of the short term and allow for 
the long term to be formalized.
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> JINMEI, Tatuya

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