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Le 01/12/2018 à 15:47, Dan Lewis a écrit :
On 12/1/18 2:34 AM, Robert Großkopf wrote:
Hi Dan,

I would like to do this if possible. What I need is documentation at to
how to do it in terms of programs required. Also, what version in German
should be used for translation?
Let us wait a little bit - I 'm just testing how to manage the changing
from HSQLDB to Firebird. The Version for LO 6.2 should contain all these

You could find the latest version of Base-handbook here:

There is on the right side of the page a part called
"Bearbeitungsversionen" (version under construction? - my English isn't
the best). I put all new content into this folder.


Danke. I will wait then on the actual translating part. I still have
Pootle to learn how to use. Also, Bearbeitungsversionen is translated by
Google as processing versions. I think I would use the phrase as "Draft
versions" since these are the ones that still need to have more work
done on them. Yet I understand what you meant by "versions under
I don't think will set a project for this translation on Pootle because
you'd need to get the sources as .po files. Projects on Pootle are
related to LibreOffice code or website.
Instead, we have a translation project dedicated to guides on Github
Using OmegaT (https://omegat.org/) will allow you to translate and
commit transparently just buy saving, and allow you to work with a large
variety of file formats (TDF ledgers are translated each month from
German using OmegaT for example)
You will find a short guide here:

Let me know if you need further help.

At least I now know how to install pootle. Now to remove it. Come to think of it, it was OmegaT that I used before. So this week I will be setting this up on my computer. Thanks for the links! I am also thinking that working with  earlier versions of the Base Handbook will help me get an idea of what I should be doing. I seem to remember that having some documents in German and their translations in English will help with future translations. But first to read the information in your links...


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