Hi Hamish,

> I'll just try to find the more restrictive settings that work for my
> use case then.

Another thought...  Look out for the GUI allowing the user to kick off
an action or set of actions that require multiple sequential pkexec(1)s
where early commands might take a while.  Even with `keep', I'd find it
annoying to know the whole task will take hours, see it's got off to a
good start, and wander back later that day to find out ten minutes in it
asked for another authentication.

One way to avoid this is if the GUI allows the user to set up the task
list and that's passed en masse through a single pkexec because the
interface of the non-GUI command on the other side accepts a list of
what to do.

> I reckon I owe you a beer at the next pub-meet :)

Actually, it's probably Tim who should buy for putting us both through
this by pointing at polkit.  :-)

Cheers, Ralph.

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