For a system that used to work, the Webserver at WMT is throwing up numerous 
problems.  After fixing the erroneous conflict yesterday, I now find that 
devices are not 
being given a default route.

This hardware works fine when a phone or an iPad is connected, but not with my 
Laptop. Here is the contents of dnsmasq.conf:

interface=eth0       # Settings for interface eth0 
listen-address=   # Specify the address to listen on 
server=   # This is the only DNS Server 
domain-needed        # Don't forward short names 
bogus-priv           # Drop the non-routed address spaces. 

dhcp-range=eth0,,,12h # Set IP range and lease time 
# List of domains to respond to 
# Increase logging level 

I think that the mobile devices work because they are successfully intercepted 
nodogsplash, the Captive Portal code which redirects them to the content. This 
happen with the laptop, but if I issue ip route on any device, the DNS Server 
doesn't show 
up. I know the server is working because if I do a lookup with the identity of 
the server 
included it works:

terry@XPS-13:~$ nslookup sumppi

Name:   sumppi

So the problem seems to be that connecting devices don't get the identity of 
the DNS 
Server along with their IP Address.

The nodogsplash code on this server hasn't been updated for around a year, but 
I wouldn't 
necessarily have noticed at the time if there was a problem with  the default 
route because 
the vast majority of our Visitors don't lug laptops onto the site. I 
occasionally use a laptop 
on site, but only to ssh into devices and that works of course.

Anything else that I should check?


                Terry Coles
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