On Saturday, 16 April 2022 21:47:06 BST Peter Merchant via dorset wrote:
> Not sure about this, but from the 'bottom' network, you are trying to
> access a webserver that gets it's IP address from itself as you have
> Hostapd and dnsmasq running on the machine.  So does the VPN server not
> know the address of the Webserver as this address has been obtained by

All of the devices on the WMT Network have static IP Addresses apart from the 
Visitors phones, etc.  The VPN Server doesn't know the IP Address of the 
Webserver, but it doesn't need to because all traffic should be forwarded to it.

In my original message there are some lines line from iptables:

ACCEPT     all  --       policy match dir 
in pol ipsec reqid 1 
proto esp 
ACCEPT     all  --         policy match dir 
out pol ipsec reqid 1 
proto esp 

Unless I've misunderstood this output everything to and from 
should go to and from is the network set up by 
the VPN Server to forward remote traffic on and each device on the WMT Network 
is allocated an address in that range (including the VPN Server of course.  
Similarly includes the Webserver's address, so I am very 
confused as to why remote traffic isn't being forwarded.

I'm not an expert on iptables, but that's how I read it.

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