Terry, I only received one message, as you can see timestamped 9:51

I did wonder if a smart meter could give you a reading on that, but acknowledge 
that electricity usage is continuously fluctuating, so unlikely.

I might have to borrow my neighbour's in-line device and test the kettle/ 

Thanks John for that link.


On 29/08/2022 09:51, Terry Coles wrote:

On 29/08/2022 09:33, Peter Merchant wrote:
I was curious, so I took the water from the kettle and put it in a pot on the 
stove. It was very close to 500ml.

Watching the gas meter while it boiled it used 0.014 m(cubed) of gas, which 
converted to 0.15788Kwh and at my current rate of 7.123p/Kwh cost me 1.1.25p to 
boil up.

Unfortunately I can't see my electricity meter easily to see what it costs me 
to boil that amount in the kettle or by Microwave. Does anybody have that 
facility?  And also there is always other electricity being used.


I have a SMART Meter with associated In-Home Display (IHD) which is telling me 
that my current electricity consumption is 85W, however, it is continuously 
varying between ~25 W and ~220 W. Presumably, I could see how much the 
consumption increases when I boil the kettle but I would then have to calculate 
the total consumption against minutes and convert it to KWh and even then the 
result would be a bit iffy.

You can get gadgets that measure the electricity consumption at the 'incomer' 
(at the meters).  ( I have one which I use to measure the amount of juice being 
generated by my solar Panels) and you can also get ones that do the same for a 
single socket. If anyone has such a beast, then I think that the most accurate 
result could be obtained that way.

Of course if we know the efficiency of the kettle we could calculate it!

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