500ml of water = 500g water.  let's assume you want to go from 20-100 C => increase of 80C
Specific heat capacity of water = 4.184 J/g-K
=> 167,360 J = 0.0465 kWh Electricity @27p/kWh = 1.2552p

So rather similar???? (OK, I don't know efficiency of electric kettle ... but heating elements are 100% efficient... sure there will be some losses to both the kettle and the wider environment, but i doubt somehow that they are huge....) Of course this is about cost for the consumer ... I'm totally ignoring the ineffeciency of turning gas into electricity and transmitting it around the country in the first place.

On 29/08/2022 09:33, Peter Merchant wrote:
I was curious, so I took the water from the kettle and put it in a pot on the stove. It was very close to 500ml.

Watching the gas meter while it boiled it used 0.014 m(cubed) of gas, which converted to 0.15788Kwh and at my current rate of 7.123p/Kwh cost me 1.1.25p to boil up.

Unfortunately I can't see my electricity meter easily to see what it costs me to boil that amount in the kettle or by Microwave. Does anybody have that facility?  And also there is always other electricity being used.



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