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> I'm trying to test EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION in Dovecot.  To do this I first  
> configured Thunderbird and Opera to use my server, neither of them were  
> successful.  As a result I contacted both organisations to enquire if they  
> supported EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION in their products.  Thunderbird  
> responded and said yes.  However, on closer inspection my contact at  
> Thunderbird identified that support for EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION was poor  
> at best and then only in SMTP.  From that point on, my contact has been  
> trying to implement support in Thunderbird.

I already got a mail about it from David Bienvenu and answered it.

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The problem is that Dovecot (well, EXTERNAL mechanism really) expects
the client to send authorization string after the AUTHENTICATE EXTERNAL
command. Typically you would just give "=" line there.

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