On 17.3.2010, at 0.04, Stephen Feyrer wrote:

> The tests using SASL and SASL-IR in Thunderbird both fail to authenticate.  I 
> have tried using openssl s_client with the same result.  I've run the auth 
> command in three ways just to be sure I got the second example right.  I even 
> checked to make sure I've spelt my name right and the case of the letters.

EXTERNAL auth works only if this this also works:

a LOGIN username-from-cert ""

i.e. login with empty password.

>  passdb:
>    driver: passwd-file
>    args: /opt/etc/dovecot/passwd
>  userdb:
>    driver: passwd
> /opt/etc/dovecot/passwd
> Stephen:{EXTERNAL}

So try {PLAIN} here.

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