I am sorry, I didn't understand what is going on. I knew that David Bienvenu had emailed you but I thought I'd done something to break Dovecot in some other way. Again I'm sorry.

How can I use SASL-IR with dovecot?

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On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 16:57 +0000, Stephen Feyrer wrote:

I'm trying to test EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION in Dovecot. To do this I first
configured Thunderbird and Opera to use my server, neither of them were
successful. As a result I contacted both organisations to enquire if they
supported EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION in their products.  Thunderbird
responded and said yes.  However, on closer inspection my contact at
Thunderbird identified that support for EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION was poor
at best and then only in SMTP.  From that point on, my contact has been
trying to implement support in Thunderbird.

I already got a mail about it from David Bienvenu and answered it.

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The problem is that Dovecot (well, EXTERNAL mechanism really) expects
the client to send authorization string after the AUTHENTICATE EXTERNAL
command. Typically you would just give "=" line there.

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