Thank you Ralph. I’ll have a look around myself first, don’t want others to 
waste their time on my homework.

Sorry for some reason i get replies from every individual , so when i reply it 
sends it to both.
I would expect replies to come from as well.

I will strip the individual emails out and just reply to dovecot.
> On 9 Aug 2017, at 17:30, Ralph Seichter <> wrote:
> On 09.08.2017 18:18, Alef Veld wrote:
>> Anyone know of any manual, or can I just replace the certs in the
>> dovecot and postfix locations with theirs? Do dovecot, postfix and
>> apache all support .pem format?
> Google "dovecot letsencrypt" is your friend. ;-) If you have questions
> about details, we can discuss them of course. Also, please limit your
> replies to my messages to the mailing list; you keep triggering my spam
> protection.
> -Ralph

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