I currently have Postfix Dovecot MySQL on Centos 6, looking at migrating
to new server

new server is CentOS 7.3, but, the Centos repo version is

dovecot            x86_64       1:2.2.10-7.el7

what is the best way to install current release Dovecot on a new server ?

GhettoForge has dovecot22 packages as well which provide the latest
stable version of Dovecot for CentOS 6 and 7.

Or consider compiling it yourself from source.  It may be more work, but
you get complete control over your versioning, your package dependencies,
etc.  If a bug that affects you gets fixed on a bleeding edge version
(or is only available as a patch), you can fix it right away rather than
waiting for the package maintainer to catch up to it.

Joseph Tam <jtam.h...@gmail.com>

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