Or consider compiling it yourself from source.  It may be more work, but
you get complete control over your versioning, your package dependencies,
etc.  If a bug that affects you gets fixed on a bleeding edge version
(or is only available as a patch), you can fix it right away rather than
waiting for the package maintainer to catch up to it.

Or just ping me in #ghettoforge on Freenode and I'll generally get it
fixed quickly, if I haven't already seen it on the list and fixed it.

Not all package maintainers are as responsive as you are.  I've lost
count of the number of problems reported here, where people could not
move from version 1.x, because their repo did not have anything newer, or
for reason out of their control, they can't update because it would/could
break something else.

There are downsides to compiling yourself.

To be sure.  (Incidentally, auto-updates are sometimes *not* what
people want -- stability of a working system is paramount over
anything that might jeopardize that.)

Compiling from source is not everybody's cup of tea, but it does allow
complete control over the build.  Repo-packages usually are built with
kitchen-sink options, which may not suit everyone.

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