The Rev Chuck Baker states:
> I downloaded the "comx" and "racetv" searches and they both worked for
> and my calendar works too. and I do have SP2 installed. so if other
> are having problems with these searches it is probably because activeX
> disabled by default in SP2. But you can enable activeX through the
> internet options panel.

No way would I consider enabling ActiveX on my desktop globally.
Especially since it's nearly impossible to run as less than local admin.
That's a recipe for quietly having a zombie some day, or even a root kit
installed. I'm willing to let a specific application (ie, DQSD) run one
or more ActiveX components on my desktop, but it stops there. If we
can't find a more long term solution to the problem, I'm quite willing
to either give up the calendar (a minor loss, for me personally), or
click twice during logon, and if/when I open help. An annoyance, but
hardly life altering. A root kit on my machine would quickly become life
altering. So count me in favour of releasing a version with rolled up
fixes, with or without a more long term solution to the SP2 problem. 


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