Hi Matt,

Thanks so much for your effort in troubleshooting Windows 7
installation, and not least for building the theme (it looks great!).

I think we should release again soon, and I'd like the theme to be
part of that release. We also need to look into better installation
instructions for x64 platforms, and maybe provide a little official
hook to allow people to launch the 32-bit IE on 64-bit systems. The
workaround seems good.

Give me a little time to catch up, and I'll see if I can build a new
release from what we have.

- Kim

On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 00:07, Admin-VYSA <ad...@vysa.net> wrote:
> **** Resent in plain Text Format for DQSD List Archive purposes ****
> Fellow DQSD Users…
> Like most of you, I’ve been running DQSD for many years and cannot live
> without it!  It’s one of the very first things I install on my Windows
> taskbar.  I finally got it to work flawlessly on my new Windows 7 x64 (RTM)
> machine and it behaves and looks great IMO!  I developed the Vista theme
> (.css) (with Kim/Charlie) several years ago and now I’ve finished the
> Windows 7 Theme.  It looks like part of the Windows 7 OS…very clean and auto
> adjusts to whatever “Window Color” (The transparent bar color) that you
> choose using the Personalization Control Panel.  Accordingly, multiple
> themes (i.e. XP’s DQSD) aren’t really necessary.  Please see attached
> samples.
> This theme OVERWRITES your current theme.css and is more of a hack than
> using the traditional theme selection---yes, I was lazy this time. ;)  Feel
> free to adapt it or make it better and resubmit to the list.
> If the attachments in this post aren’t available in your reader, they are
> here also:
>          http://vysa.net/dqsd.zip
> Hopefully, Charlie or Kim will put this on the main page soon!
> It’s important to note that this theme is only for Windows 7 running in
> “Smaller 100% DPI” mode and not the default 125% DPI…call me old fashion!
> ;)  See Remarks inside theme.css file for more details.
> Hope you like it and continue to use this awesome search tool on Windows 7
> RTM!
> Special thanks to Maud Dib for helping me get it to work properly on Windows
> 7 x64 using IE8 32-bit browser instead of 64-bit browser.
> See:
> http://www.sevenforums.com/software/11289-daves-quick-search-installed-w7-71
> 00-64-bit.html#post119008
> Cheers!
> -Matt B

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