Hi Michael,

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 14:16, Michael Kairys <kai...@comcast.net> wrote:
>> ... it looks like a mix of the Vista and XP Blue themes.
> Thanks for the hint, Kim; I tried a complete reinstall, applying the win7
> theme patch before instancing the search bar, and now at least I have
> consistent results on both machines. The bar doesn't match my taskbar color
> but at least it is homogenous (see attached).
>> you probably need to dive into the CSS and adapt them to go better with
> the system look.
> What puzzles me is that other people (e.g. James Nix on Win 7 64-bit) seem
> to get a transparent search bar that lets their Win 7 theme colors show
> through.

I seem to recall the themes were designed not to be transparent, but
to have the same color as the various themes (there's one Olive, one
Silver and one XP blue, for example). Maybe James system color happens
to match the DQSD theme color?

> I could perhaps tweak the search bar color to match the taskbar
> color but (1) the taskbar is sort of a gradient fill rather than a uniform
> color, (2) if I changed my windows theme of course the search bar would no
> longer match, and (3) I haven't found, in my various poking, how to do that!

Again, I don't know enough CSS to style my way out of a double-door,
so I don't think I can help :)

- Kim

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