Hi Mike:


Did you try using this .GIF file I included in my Win7 x64 Theme which uses
the Alpha Channel that IE9's adoption of the RGBA color space uses?  Also,
you might want to try all black (RGB: 0/0/0).


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Hello all,


Rather quiet is this list. I hope someone is still reading it :)


I've written a few times about my problems getting the search bar to sit
transparently in my Windows 7 taskbar. I had it looking pretty good until I
installed IE 9 beta, and now it's a light blue for some reason. See


Please can anyone tell me how to control this. I would be happy to force it
to the same color as my task bar if I could; I've tried putting colors in my
localsearch.css for .txtfld, .clock background but the color I get seems not
to be related to the color I put in, and it doesn't cover the whole area


Any advice appreciated.

<<attachment: transp.gif>>

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