Refresh my memory.  Are you running Win7 32 bit?  Are you using AERO?

Reason I ask is that I am test installing Win7 32bit (my first 32 bit
install, all others have been 64 bit) on an OLD Toshiba laptop.  No Aero
support.  First pass install of DQSD has color problems as well but I am
still looking at it (may have the wrong installation kit for Win7 32


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Thanks so much for your reply; glad to know someone is listening :)

Attached seems to be as close as I can get; I got it by setting body and
.txtfld background to black as you suggested:

/* localsearch.css ... */

  background: #000000;

.txtfld, .clock
  background: #000000;
  font : calibri;
  font-size : 13;
  font-weight : normal;

I saw no difference from using transp.gif instead of 7toolbar1.bmp, i.e. 

background: #000000 url(transp.gif) repeat-x fixed top;

It's not transparent but at least it's not bright blue :)

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I should have mentioned to use the previously attached file in place of
7toolbar1.bmp (just find/replace in the .css and change to transp.gif).  Be
sure the transp.gif file exists in the DQSD folder next to the

If that works, you may need to remove the black pixels in dqsd.png (little
magnifying glass icon) and make them “transparent” (alpha channel) as well.
If the transp.gif works, you may need to add a few colored pixels at the
very top of the file to best match the embossed look at the top of the
taskbar (as seen in the 7toolbar1.bmp).  I recommend you do all of this in

I’ve not installed the latest IE9, so please reply with whether or not you
got it to look better.  Thanks!


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Hi Mike:

Did you try using this .GIF file I included in my Win7 x64 Theme which uses
the Alpha Channel that IE9’s adoption of the RGBA color space uses?  Also,
you might want to try all black (RGB: 0/0/0).

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Subject: [DQSD-Users] Bar color, again

Hello all,

Rather quiet is this list… I hope someone is still reading it :)

I’ve written a few times about my problems getting the search bar to sit
transparently in my Windows 7 taskbar. I had it looking pretty good until I
installed IE 9 beta, and now it’s a light blue for some reason. See

Please can anyone tell me how to control this. I would be happy to force it
to the same color as my task bar if I could; I’ve tried putting colors in my
localsearch.css for .txtfld, .clock background but the color I get seems not
to be related to the color I put in, and it doesn’t cover the whole area

Any advice appreciated.

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