OK, My opinion:

Best practice is to operate at a lever *just below* where the ALC light starts
to flicker. This gives you the cleanest signal. It's easier to do if you can
use the clipping action of a good RF speech processor, such as the SP-7 or
equivalent, to limit your peaks.

Otherwise it's probably OK to adjust so the ALC just flickers occasionally. Too
much ALC will increase the IMD of your signal. See:


On CW, definitely operate below the ALC level. The quality of the tranmsit
signal starts to degrade when you go into ALC.



On Sun, 2 Mar 2014 09:34:20 -0800 (PST), lane denune wrote:

>   OK ; Here's a loaded question for the TR7 Pros out there..." Adjust Mic 
> Gain to make the ALC Green light come on "...
>Leaves something to be interpreted..Is it to flicker slightly on voice peaks 
>or come on full and fade away when finished speaking?? .
>I have had success with the rig on SSB as well as AM ( have the fan installed 
>) 'feeling around' for a setting minus a peak RF meter.
>Using a Bird 43 wattmeter and am adjusting mic gain for minimal downward 
>needle movement on AM...SSB takes more gain seemingly..
>All advice welcome and helpful...Thanks, lane de n8aft.

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