Hello to the Group.

Seeking help with my TR7, bought new in 1979. The Drake TR7 is quite uncommon 
in Australia; info hard to find

Problem 1. Tuning: Each division movement of the main dial moves the digital 
display 1,8kHz up or down  and the same on TX /RX. The Digital Display counter 
has been checked against a laboratory standard and is perfectly accurate.
Why does this happen? This fault makes the rig useless.

Problem  2.  There is an instability problem in the bands above 14MHz.  The 
display goes crazy and does not lock. Higher bands useless. Why?

Problem  3. There is no or erratic keying on CW. Why?

This aged ham, licenced 1950,  needs a fellow Ham with comprehensive knowledge 
of the wonderful Drake TR7.
Clues, ideas, thoughts  or threads I can follow greatly appreciated.

John Bennett, LTC Retd
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