On Sun, 21 Jun 2015 18:45:17 -0700, Bill Watson wrote:

>Hello, I am looking for the FA-7 for my TR-7. I plan on using it for the
>PS-7. Help in finding one will be appreciated. Maybe you know a replacement
>fan that would work? If you do, any part number or company name will help
>in the search.  73, Bill, KC4WNI

The FA-7 is an off-the-shelf fan. Somewhere in the bowels of the internet you
should be able to find the OEM make and model. If not, I can look on one of
mine tomorrow. It's a 19 CFM fan, IIRC. I have a box full of the Papst 32 CFM
version, but those are way too noisy for the average ham shack (nice upgrade
for the DL-1000 though...).



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